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Why do I have to come up with these

We're having the company christmas party tonight. That should be exciting. I work with exciting people!! And the only people who will last the longest are the people in my office.

They don't give out company bonuses but they are having a costume contest for best christmas theme. Everyone so far is going with the traditional Mr. & Mrs. Claus, elves, etc...

I'm going as a christmas tree. That's right..a christmas tree.

I'm going to wear a green sweatshirt, green shorts with brown tights underneath (for the trunk of course!) and brown shoes.

Then I'm going to wrap myself in tinsel and hang christmas balls from my shirt and shorts. Then I'm going to wrap christmas lights around me and plug them in when I'm at the party. And I'm going to take small boxes, wrap them, put a string through the boxes and wrap them around my ankles.

Then I'm going to ask people if they want to see what's under my christmas tree!

ha ha ha ha ha!

I hope I win. I'll have to take pictures. It'll be fun. I don't plan on drinking because I shouldn't and also because it makes me want to smoke and I have FINALLY kicked that habit!

I got on the Nicorette program and it helped soo much. I did as the instructions said but since I don't smoke like but 5 cigs a day, I was taking a piece of gum every 4 hours for a week, then 6 for a week and then two a day, and then I stopped. And I don't really feel the urge anymore. I mean sometimes it crosses my mind but it doesn't linger. I am getting that hackers cough where you cough up dark brown stuff (which I've been told is tar deposits coming out) Ewww.

I made peanut butter butterscotch bars last night and flying pretty high on sugar. I dread the crash so I'm eating it steadily.

Everyone in the office got bosslady a really great gift. She's going to be alone for christmas because her husband is out of town and her kids are leaving so we pooled money together. Then we called her mom and got her on speakerphone and she told bosslady, "I want you to come home for christmas" and we gave her the money and she just cried. It was really nice.

I want to get Directv but my landlady won't let me install a dish onto the house and I have so many trees around I don't think I could get it.

Wow...don't talk much about God lately huh.

Well, here's a verse I keep thinking back to - Psalm 62:5 My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him.

Sunday was a really good service. We had a guest speaker talking about how Christians are losing sight of Christ and how we need to get back focused on Him. It was a real encouraging sermon and I'm glad I went. Then Tuesday night we had prayer night at church (just a small handful of people) and we were praying for the kids and the lost. It was a real good time too. I miss corporate prayer. I love praying with other people.

But that verse really is reassuring to me.

"My soul" - my thoughts, my attitude, my feelings...alot of that has been really reacting to the flesh side of things rather than the spirit (something the sermon also was about). That little part tells me that I have to train myself. I have to tell my soul what to do. I am a spirit, I have a soul, and live in a body. I'm to walk in the spirit. All those temptations for smoking and everything else are flesh reactions. I'm to glorify God with my body. I can only do that by walking in the spirit and not in the flesh. I glorify God by not giving into every wile and temptation that comes my way. I am responsible for bringing my flesh into subjection to the spirit. (now all these I's that I'm saying are I's said through the spirit...just saying so I don't sound conceited or that I can do all this on my own.) That's the first way of walking in the spirit, speaking to the flesh nature or those temptations when they act up.

"wait only upon God" - Let's many times now have I tried to do what I wanted to do when it comes to meeting a man. Going to the club, signing up for eharmony, all that jazz? I'm not waiting only upon God. When it came to big decisions about stuff, I always wanted God to just plop it into my lap. And then something would happen and it would seem like God did plop it into my lap (like my new job, the car, my name a few things.) But actually, those came about by waiting only upon God and HE directed my steps. "acknowledge Me in all your ways and I will direct your path." So when my flesh starts acting up and wanting me to do something I know I shouldn't, I'm to remind myself to wait only upon God. Don't give in to the flesh. Walk in the spirit and I will not gratify the desires of my flesh. That's another way of walking in the spirit..waiting for Him to lead and guide me.

"and silently submit to Him" - Keyword, Silently submit. That tells me stop complaining because I'm single. Stop complaining about things in my life (like my apartment). Set a guard over my mouth o' lord that I may not sin against you. Another way of walking in the spirit..don't gripe over what God has put in my life. About the seasons He's called me into. Watch my mouth!!

A guideline for walking in the Spirit. Today's a pretty slow day and we all kinda don't want to work. But I need to so I'm going to close for now! Have a great weekend!

10:42 a.m. - December 10, 2004


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